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Leadership Bios

Ato Kasymov

Ato Kasymov

Co-Founder & CEO
Manuchehr Kurbonali

Manuchehr Kurbonali

Co-Founder & Growth Lead
Sina S. Amiri

Sina S. Amiri

VP - Revenue

About Zentist

Putting dental insurance billing on autopilot

Zentist is a platform that uses advanced technology to simplify and automate insurance revenue cycle management (RCM) for dental practices.

At a time when dental businesses lose an estimated $2.1 billion due to legacy billing systems, Zentist leverages robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning to place otherwise tedious billing tasks on autopilot.

Zentist’s platform is fully and easily scalable to meet the more complex billing needs of the modern dental industry—which has been marked by aggressive consolidation and unprecedented pressures for RCM scaling. Its software minimizes human error, maximizes insurance payout, provides advanced analytics on revenue, and improves the patient-provider relationship.


Ato Kasymov and Manny Kurbonali co-founded Zentist with Paulina Song in 2016 with the mission to bring transparency and affordability to financial transactions in dental care.

In the first few years, they discovered that the biggest impact area that serves their mission is insurance claim transactions. They built the Zentist platform with the goal of helping dental practices collect insurance claim reimbursements faster and accurately by leveraging software and process automation. Prior to Zentist, Manny and Ato built a large network of primary care and diagnostic centers in Central Asia that services a population of 5M people across 4 cities.

Value proposition

Avoid Insurance Claim Denials Altogether

Zentist’s software integrates seamlessly with existing dental practice management systems (PMS) to automatically identify missing information in dental claims and flag them as specific tasks for the dental practice’s office staff to resolve prior to submission. By first validating open claims in-house through Zentist’s machine learning platform, dental practitioners can avoid the potential risk of having a claim delayed or denied at the payor level.

Keep Dental Practices Profitable and Hassle-Free

Zentist’s billing technology removes all the complexities of legacy, out-of-date methods for processing insurance claims and collecting insurance payments so that dental practitioners can focus their valuable time on patient engagement.

Remove the Barriers of Tribal Knowledge and Turnover

Dental insurance claim processing is unique in the healthcare industry, in that it isn't standardized. Unlike the medical industry where insurance billers are often certified coders and billers, dental insurance specialists learn how to bill through trial-and-error while on the job. Through years of knowledge, dental billers are highly valued team members who are difficult to replace. Zentist helps to alleviate the potential issues around tribal, institutional knowledge-loss by automating many of the claim processing procedures.

Improve Patient Relations with Timely, Trackable, and Transparent Claims Processing

Taking care of dental insurance claims in traditionally manual methods or utilizing outdated PMS can cause frustration, lack of accountability, and delays. Using Zentist to process claims in a trackable and more timely manner provides greater transparency to the patient about how things are being handled between the payor and provider. This shifts the responsibility of insurance work from the provider and improves the patient/provider relationship.

Continuously Track Claims 24/7/365

Using Zentist’s software, all claims coming into and leaving the system are tracked daily. This routine automated process with Zentist’s proprietary Claims Tracking System helps to keep the number of outstanding claims down, identifies appealable denials more quickly, and provides valuable insight into insurance revenue trends.


  • Insurance companies can take 15-80 days to pay insurance claims—which makes it difficult for dental providers to accurately manage and predict revenue. Zentist helps dental offices get paid faster - with about 6 days turnaround time.
  • Researchers estimate that dental providers are leaving an estimated $2.1 billion on the table due to poor billing practices, and a slower-than-average adoption of automated tech solutions. Zentist helps dental offices get paid, period - reduce up to 10% denied rate to 0 claim denials.
  • We have no setup fees or subscriptions—and no exorbitant outsourcing costs. We only get paid when you do, with a 2.5-3.5% processing fee on paid claims, and $0 upfront.
  • In the past 12 months, Zentist has sent 1.5MM+ automated insurance claims and processed $150MM claims through the platform.
  • Zentist offers 100% claim status update in 45 days and resolves 80%+ in 100 days.
  • 80% of claims are validated and submitted automatically via the Zentist platform, avoiding any human error.
  • Zentist is a venture-backed fintech startup with 150+ employees (and growing!).



Zentist, the automated dental insurance claims processing platform, has announced the launch of a financial pre-funding pilot program for the $156 billion U.S. dental services industry.

The program applies machine learning models to dental insurance claims data so that multi-location dental service providers are paid on certain types of claim submissions in real-time. The anticipated outcomes include lower insurance reimbursement risk, improved liquidity, and better near-term financial health which enables dental service organizations (DSOs) participating in the program to better fund their current operations and invest more in their future growth.

Zentist's proprietary revenue cycle management (RCM) platform will predict dental insurance payments with a high degree of confidence and then pre-fund the accounts receivable (A/R) of DSOs and their affiliated practices. The additional capital that is unlocked through Zentist by eliminating aging A/R is then monetized by the DSO or dental practice for meeting bank loan covenants and financing growth. DSOs and their affiliated practices can opt to use the immediate increase in revenue for such activities as:

  • Issuing inter-company loans;
  • Paying down existing debt;
  • Purchasing dental supplies or equipment;
  • Funding a dental office renovation or expansion;
  • Obtaining new patients through advertising and marketing campaigns;
  • Covering employee payroll and benefits expenses;
  • Investing in employee recruitment, training, retention, and rewards.

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RCM Bootcamp

Zentist RCM Bootcamp is a growth initiative designed to teach best practices in revenue cycle management while fostering community among early and mid-career professionals from emerging dental groups.

Through hands-on, in-person classes taught in a venue selected for quiet comfort, the Zentist RCM Bootcamp will help you advance your career while making meaningful connections in the industry.

A thoughtfully-designed curriculum, taught by leaders in the field, will explore a host of topics and popular, industry-standard tools.

Expand your skill-set and network. Cohort size is limited for your benefit and to maximize interaction with a wide network of industry professionals, influencers and leaders. The Zentist RCM Bootcamp promotes a strong ethos of support and shared purpose.

By creating an environment where you can focus exclusively on self-improvement, the Zentist RCM Bootcamp offers unforgettable memories and the community of a lifetime.

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