Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about onboarding, implementing or using Remit AI? Check out our FAQs section below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, your account manager will be happy to help.

Will Remit AI know if a claim hasn't been submitted to the payer?

Because Remit AI is not currently linked with your PMS, we are unable to determine if a claim has been submitted.

Which payors does Remit AI work with?

Remit AI offers access to more than 600 payors. You can find the full list of supported payers here.

Which clearinghouses does Remit AI work with?

Remit AI offers multiple clearinghouse connections such as DentalXChange, Zelis, ECHO, Change Healthcare, and DD.

What information do you need from us in order to go live?

It is simple to initiate Remit AI software implementation and ERA/EFT enrollment.

We will require the following information from you, which typically takes 1-2 hours to collect:

  • TINs, NPIs, and Addresses
  • Insurance Logins
  • Insurance Collection Report
  • W9 and Bank Letter for each TIN

We are in the midst of changing TINs. Should I wait until that has been completed or implement Remit AI now?

There is no need to wait to implement Remit AI. We can actually help you navigate the process.

Is Zentist or Remit AI a clearinghouse?

No. Neither Zentist nor Remit AI is a clearinghouse.

Remit AI is Zentist’s dental revenue cycle management software that consolidates and standardizes most Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) data. Remit AI provides access to this data along with payer logins, reports, and actionable intelligence through a single dashboard.

How long is your customer onboarding, training and implementation process for Remit AI?

Training and implementation of Remit AI typically takes 2-4 weeks to complete.

How does Remit AI reconcile insurance claim payments with bank deposits? What's involved with the set up for bank access?

Remit AI uses Plaid API to access read-only bank data allowing our software to match the deposit to the corresponding EOB/ERA.

Does Remit AI provide claim status updates such as No Claim On File (NCOF)?

We provide claim payment statuses that we receive from the portal and/or clearinghouse.

Remit AI won’t display a claim status for No Claim On File (NCOF). The office manager will need to look for a payment file and/or EOB in the Remit AI dashboard. A lack of payment file or EOB may indicate that a claim was not submitted for the date of service (DOS) in question.

Does Remit AI integrate with my dental practice management software?

Remit AI works independently of practice management software. You do not need to integrate Remit AI with your current PMS or make any changes or updates to your existing software.

Do we continue submitting insurance claims from our practice management software if we proceed with Remit AI or will that change?

You will continue to submit claims as usual. Remit AI implementation does not affect your claim submission procedures.

Does our IT department or MSP vendor need to be involved with the implementation?

Our implementation does not require assistance from your IT department or MSP vendor.

Can I add users to Remit AI from the software itself or do I need to go through Zentist each time there is a staff change on our end?

You will have access to add and remove users as needed through the Remit AI dashboard.

Do I need to convert my dental practice management software or clearinghouse to use Remit AI?

No, you do not need to convert or change your current PMS and Clearinghouse(s).

Can we pilot Remit AI in one dental practice before proceeding with an organization-wide deployment?

We do not onboard single locations at this time. We require a minimum of 5 locations to onboard.

Remit AI: Fast, Accurate, and Scalable EOB and ERA/835 Automation

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