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Zentist’s Automated EOB+ERA Software Solution Powered by AI.
Zentist’s Automated EOB+ERA Software Solution Powered by AI
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Learn about the DSO industry’s first RCM Bootcamp taking place this March 24 - 26 in Miami
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Putting dental insurance billing on autopilot

The only dental billing insurance platform that leverages machine learning algorithms and robotic process automation to optimize the insurance revenue cycle management (RCM) process for emerging dental service organizations (DSOs) and dental practices. We handle your billing, so you can focus on your patients.

Learn about the DSO industry’s first RCM Bootcamp taking place this March 24 - 26 in Miami

Zentist is trusted by dozens of DSO and hundreds of dental practices across the U.S.

Zentist is trusted by dozens of DSO and hundreds of dental practices across the U.S.

“Hiring Zentist was like hiring an employee who knew the billing process really well. It removed the difficult conversations with my office staff about accounts receivable discrepancies. Instead of giving the staff the burden of responsibility of bringing in a $20,000 account, Zentist takes care of it and removes the weight of that task from both the staff and management.”
Semira Avanessian
Semira Avanessian
Director of RCM
Boston Pediatric Dental Group
Cambridge, MA

With the growing trend of dental industry consolidation, the time to automate your billing is now

The dental industry is consolidating into larger practices resulting in:

More complex billing operations

The need for sophisticated RCM analytics

Unprecedented pressures  for RCM scaling

In fact it is estimated that dental providers leave $2.1 billion on the table due to poor billing practices and a slower-than-average adoption of automated tech solutions. Loss of revenue is even greater for emerging DSOs that are considering taking on more dental practices and consolidating their organization.

We make sure your practice doesn’t fall into this statistic.

Our technology uses robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning algorithms that help:

The number of claims that have been billed to date using Zentist's platform
until 04/14/2022

Eliminate the hassle of building the RCM function in-house

By consolidating your RCM for quality and consistency, and applying RPA to minimize tedious tasks, we enable you to focus on practice acquisitions without having to deal with scaling your RCM team.

Get you paid faster

With Zentist’s software, dental providers get paid in an average of 12 days, while the majority of claims get paid in less than 6 days — considerably faster than the industry average of 22 to 24 days for manually submitted claims.

Maximize revenue

Zentist’s proprietary Claims Tracking System keeps outstanding claims down and reduces aging accounts receivable—all to help dentists feel 100% confident they are maximizing their insurance revenue outcomes.

Provide unmatched claims level visibility

All claims entering and leaving the system are tracked daily, allowing you to access your data 24/7/365. This enables you to quickly identify appealable denials and provides valuable insight into your insurance revenue trends.

Why choose Zentist:

Zero upfront costs and no hidden fees

As convenient as credit card processing, customers only pay when an insurance claim is paid.

Dedicated customer support team

We are more than a robust platform, we are a growing team of dedicated professionals who love to see your business thrive.

HIPAA compliant

We know that patient data confidentiality is of utmost importance in the medical field. All data entering our software is encrypted and fully HIPAA compliant.

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