Did you miss the Winter 2023 Dental RCM Bootcamp in Las Vegas? You missed a lot! This is the first in a series of peeks into Winter 2023 panel discussions, the full videos of which will be available to watch with an annual membership.

Winter 2023’s opening panel was The Future of Practice Management Software and Dental Clearinghouses, sponsored by Skytale Group and moderated by Zentist Co-Founder and CEO Ato Kasymov.

The panel included Will Snipes, Senior Client Executive - Growth Initiatives for Change Healthcare; Tom Mort, Vice President of Product Development for Vyne Dental; and Planet DDS CEO Eric Giesecke. 

Mr. Kasymov led with a question about the shift toward cloud-based systems and RCM’s impact on the transition. He also asked the panel to discuss why buzz surrounding ‘the cloud’ might not necessarily align (anecdotally speaking) with the percentage of practices currently in the market to upgrade their PMS.

Eric Giesecke

Mr. Giesecke believes one of the primary drivers of cloud transformation is a continuing trend toward consolidation. Centralization in this environment enables “things to be done automatically and at scale — that’s the RCM piece,” he said. 

As for organizations being slow to commit to a new, cloud-based PMS, Mr. Giesecke wryly observed that “just about everyone who’s gone through a conversion, has probably gone through a bad conversion.”  He believes the key is to make the transition less daunting by “helping with the data conversion, the set-up process, the training – all of that.” 

As the industry gets better at providing this level of support, Mr. Giesecke continued, “The notion of being on a central system that allows you to scale will be less frightening and you’ll see more acceleration of that conversion.”

Tom Mort

“From my view, over the last 20 years, the movement to the cloud has happened even independent of the PMS itself,” Mr. Mort said, using Vyne and others as examples of companies managing the full RCM process via ‘the web.’ 

At the outset, this allows practices with disparate systems to have a consistent RCM process as they work toward that consolidation, [to] see that advantage, he continued.

Will Snipes

Describing the logistical complications of implementing and upgrading systems located on-premises, Mr. Snipes believes that ultimately  “Moving away from that outdated process is beneficial for all parties.”

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