America’s Dental Association Meeting (ADA) this year will be held on October 18–22. It will take place in Honolulu, Hawaii and is the perfect chance to take a little vacation on the sunny Beaches of Oahu while going to the meeting. The ADA conference will be a space to give tips and techniques to learn and build your skillset.

The 2018 ADA Conference gives people the opportunity to regroup with colleagues and to build their working network.


REGROUP: Face different challenges collaboratively and jot down contact info for dentists who can offer some advice, post-conference. While you’re there, learn about the latest technology.

RETREAT: Release yourself from all the stress work can bring to your body and combine relaxation and recreation with professional development.

REENERGIZE: Take a few days off the job to regain energy so you can go back and give everything you’ve got with a few more tips under your belt.

This year’s conference offers over 200 courses which you can find in ADA 2018 Course Planner. With this tool, you can view all the details of each course. It’s important to register for each you’re interested in through the ADA 2018 registration site.

Cancellations and Refunds

If for some reason you cannot attend the event, you can cancel and ask for refunds by writing an email by September 21 for registration, courses and housing reservations.

For more information, and registration, visit:

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