The busy life that we are living is filled to the brim with stress, at times. This is a common issue so it’s important to talk about how that impacts your health. It’s important to understand that although our bodies were created to resist certain levels of stress, continuing to put your body through continued high levels can produce oral health issues.

Here are some of the things that can happen to our oral health when we’re under stress:

  • Mouth sores: these sores are small painful lesions that can be caused by stress; they can stick around for about 7 to 14 days.
  • Teeth grinding: during the night, while we sleep, stress can cause teeth grinding. This repeated action wears down the teeth’s enamel faster than it normally would.
  • Poor nutrition and habits: if we are stressed out several times we tend to neglect our diet and eat junk food, which is not healthy for our teeth. Some people start to smoke, another habit that affects not only our oral health but also our health in general.

How to deal with stress so we can take care of our oral health

Learn to deal with stressing situations without being affected deeply by them. The human being needs time to recreation. Keeping a routine with a few minutes of relaxing exercises every day. And don’t worry excessively about things are some things we can do to reduce stress.

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