Dental anxiety is one of the most common phobias of the century. Even with the evolution of medical tools and technology, and treatment techniques, thousands of patients still get pretty nervous when going to the dentist.

This phobia is not limited to kids, even though they may appear to be the most vulnerable. In fact, a high percentage of adults also suffer from dental anxiety. Dental anxiety can be so prominent, some people even avoid going to the dentist altogether.

As we all know, going to the dentist is mandatory to maintain good oral and overall health. For that reason, we’re sharing some recommend relaxation techniques anxious patients can borrow for their next visit.

Breathing exercises

The first thing you’ll always hear when talking about any kind of anxiety is to work on your breathing. This applies to those with dental phobia too; take slow deep breathes to let oxygen flow through your body so it relaxes and calms you. Avoid shallow breathing, since this will only make your anxiety worst.

Communication is Key

Whether you’re the patient or the dentist, communicating is essential for a positive experience. If patients can communicate their feelings, they will feel a sense of relief and be more open to the procedure.


Practicing meditation before and during your dental visit is an excellent way to assure peace when entering the consultation.

Audio distraction

Some dentists have reported that using relaxing music while treating anxious patients has shown positive results. Dental anxiety has a lot more to do with what’s going on in your mind than it has to do with actual pain during the procedure. If your mind is somewhat at peace, the phobia should decrease or even disappear.

Visual distraction

Watching TV, especially if it’s yourfavorite movie or show, can help distract your brain and relax tension you’re feeling during the dental procedure.

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