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Not just outsourced billing - automated billing.

Our AI powered claims validation engine helps you get paid faster with 24 hour turnaround on submissions and payment posting. Answer patient insurance claim questions with confidence with access to your claims performance analytics dashboard from anywhere.

What our members are saying:

I feel reassured that my billing is done in a timely and reliable manner, with much faster turnaround and better cash flow.

Hai Huang, DDS

Lake Merritt Dental, Oakland, CA


What our members are saying:

I’m so happy with the program itself and your exceptional service! I’d love to help you spread the word.

Cheryl Hoey, RDA

Napa Valley Cosmetic Dentistry, Napa, CA


What our members are saying:

Since onboarding with Zentist, I am able to work more hours on the clinical side without worrying about my insurance collections.

Dr. Danesh Bastani, DDS

Oakland Dental Care, Oakland, CA


Imagine never again wasting precious resources on...

Falling behind on insurance aging

Following up on unpaid claims & appealing denials

Posting insurance claims payments

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