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More time

ERA & EOB Data Intelligence

How Does it Work?

Manage all of your insurance logins and passwords in one place

View and manage all of your insurance logins from a single dashboard

Digitize your paper EOBs in bulk

AI extracts and parses EOB data into a uniform user-friendly format

See daily reports of processed EOB+ERAs on your dashboard

Straight forward reports for bookkeeping and reconciliation

Filter, Sort and Locate Insurance Payments from any source

Effortlessly identify claims with partial payments and denials for further processing

Maximize Efficiency with Zentist Remit AI

Automate EOB retrieval organization, and access
Reduce errors in interpreting EOBs
Automated payment posting to dental practice management software
Locate EOBs via search and filter
Business intelligence and insights into payment discrepancies
Simplified reporting for bookkeeping and reconciliation
Reduce staff time spent on manual EOB management and payment posting
Answer patient billing questions with ease and confidence
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Current manual EOB management

Collecting and organizing EOBs from multiple sources
Countless insurance portals to log in to and check for payments
Identifying the relevant payment information from different EOB formats
Manually posting payments back into the patient ledger
Uploading and filing scanned EOBs individually

Remit AI eliminates the need for manual EOB management

Cost reduction in manual back office operations
Saved per week in EOB handling and posting
Reduction in posting errors
Reduction in manual effort and time in EOB handling and posting
Improvement in quality of EOB / payment data
Data extraction quality
Reduction in time spent on processing documents
Improved HIPAA compliance with less data exposure
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