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Earn rewards by recommending Zentist to dental practices.

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Apply to be our partner. If you qualify and pass our interview call, you’ll officially be our partner.


Refer potential DSOs

Once you are onboarded, you can start referring qualified leads to us.


Get paid after completed demos

When your referred lead goes through our Demo, you get paid according to the profile of the Lead.


Who is our ideal partner?

Lead Generating companies in the field of dentistry & healthcare

Whether you are an SDR, Marketing Agency or any other qualified organization in sales and marketing, we have an opportunity for you.

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Individuals with experience in the field of dentistry

If you have been working in the Dentistry field and have a great network, you may benefit from this referral program.

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Dental Service Organizations (DSOs)

Are a Dental Service Organization (DSO) currently working with us? Awesome! You can join our referral prgram and earn extra cash + bonuses when you refer to us a DSO.

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Individual practices

Whether you are currently using Zentist's services or not, you can still apply for our referral program. Leverage your network and benefit by referring practices to us.

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For every referred DSO that schedules and participates in our demo, the partner receives the reward of $500 - $2,000 depending on the profile of the referred client.

For more details, visit the terms and conditions

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#1 Insurance billing platform for every DSO

Zentist is putting insurance billing on autopilot and simplifying RCM for the dental industry.

Solution for every DSO

Zentist integrates seamlessly with all existing dental practice management systems to provide consolidation, transparency, and efficiency in the insurance billing process.

From claims to cash

Zentist leverages the technology-human-hybrid system to maintain quality control and to optimize the revenue cycle management processes.

Our solutions lead to real results

No hiring and training hassles

No employee turnover or hiring/training headaches.

No in-house optimization

Enjoy the the quality and confidence of consolidated insurance billing.

Save time with plug-in

Plug-in Zentist and save valuable time as the platform submits, follows up, and automatically posts your insurance claims.

Focus on your business

Focus your valuable staff time toward what matters most: patient scheduling, production efforts, and growth of your organization.

Zentist benefits

Get paid faster.

6 days – up to 80 days

Insurance companies can take 15-80 days to pay insurance claims — which makes it difficult for dental providers to accurately manage and predict revenue.

Get paid period.

0 claim denials – up to 10% denied

Researchers estimate dental providers are leaving an estimated $2.1 billion on the table due to poor billing practices, and a slower-than-average adoption of automated tech solutions.

Keep it in-house.

0 up front – up to $7,250 /month

We have no setup fees or subscriptions — and no exorbitant outsourcing costs. We only get paid when you do, with a fixed-rate processing fee on paid claims - and no upfront costs or hidden fees.