Medical procedures, in general, tend to be pretty expensive. And when it comes to dental health, this is especially true. But this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find an affordable dentist in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, but there’s an online service that directs you to the cheapest dentist near you.

What’s Zentist and why are they so affordable?

Zentist is a new AI platform that is built to help patients and dentists alike. For dentists, patients can get quality dental healthcare at an affordable price. The mission is to challenge systemic issues in dentistry by implementing transparent pricing.

The best part is never having to set foot in a dental office before knowing if you can afford it. You can pull an estimate for a dental procedure in three easy online steps so you’ll be saving not only money, but time.

With a great network of committed dentists you’re guaranteed to get affordable dental attention at a moment’s notice, saving thousands.

Finally, they believe in transparency, so you won’t have to deal with hidden fees and an unnecessary run around.

How does it work?

It only takes a few simple steps:

Determining the dental issue

The first step you’ll take is to describe the dental issue you’re facing. Then, Zentist will find dentists that specialize in that procedure.

Going to the diagnostic appointment

Zentist uses CBCT scans to determine the appointment, so you won’t have to jump from one dentist to another post-scan.

Receive 3 quotes

You’ll receive 3 detailed quotes, then the choice is yours on which one to pick. You’ll be able to browse the doctor’s profile and see details on the clinic location etc.

Explore financing options

Apply for monthly payment plans that don’t affect your credit report.

Want to get started? There’s nothing to lose when you’re trying to save a little money. Visit today.

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