When someone starts their orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth they usually opt for the quickest method possible. But what does that mean?Every mouth is unique so there will never be a universal answer to this question “how long will it take to straighten my teeth?”

If you’re going into a dental office that’s only focused on speed and not quality, you might be setting yourself up for failure. Your orthodontist should have a detailed plan with necessary tips so you can finish your treatment on time.

1. Be Punctual

Missing or changing your appointments could elongate your treatment and increase the time that your orthodontist had set for you.

2. Follow Your Doc’s Instructions

All of the instructions from your orthodontist are to be taken seriously. This may mean refraining from eating hard foods, using necessary cleaning instruments, to using rubber bands and aligners properly.

3. Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

It’s absolutely essential to maintain good your oral health, especially with braces or invisible aligners. Do a good job at brushing and flossing, keep your brackets and wires clean, and there should be no reason your treatment should slow down.

The fastest way to straighten your teeth is to co-work with your orthodontist. Be patient and understand growing pains will happen. It may feel annoying to have some extra gear in your mouth but think about this long term, follow the step-by-step treatment and you’ll be golden.

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