Social networks are the seemingly the best way to advertise any kind of business today. This is because anyone who’s looking for something, be it a product or service, will search for it online. But not only that, they will also investigate the company providing the service.

So, what the internet has to say about your dental clinic can really impact your client list. Having a good reputation online can be the difference between your business growing, and having to close it.

But that’s only the general benefit of online advertising, there’re other factors that really bring up the importance of social media for your dental practice.

Local positioning brings you closer to your nearby community

Social media tools allow you to direct all your advertising efforts right to the patients ready for treatment near you. This is important because dentistry is something that most people would like to do nearby, without having to travel across the Bay Area for a dental appointment.

In this sense, it’s really important that you position your clinic as #1 in your area. For this, you can segment the region where your advertising is placed; you can generate valuable keywords regarding your neighborhood, etc. Also, if your social networks report several reviews from satisfied customers, you are most likely to attract new ones.

Social media offers organic and affordable advertising

With social media, you can pay the minimum needed and drive those efforts only to the people who are interested in your service. Thanks to the dynamics on social media where users share virally if you are capable of producing content that is relevant enough, you’ll probably get advertised for FREE.

Social media makes your clinic more reachable and human

Social Media has become a normal part of our lives, for many, it’s even indispensable. That’s why, if you’re constantly present in your social networks, you’re more likely to connect with your patients. This way, you’re able to set up that “last minute” appointment for those gaps in your schedule. Simply post that you have “open slot for a dental appointment at 10:30 am” and wait for the interested to come to you.

Being present online allows you to partner with other experts and gain an honorable reputation

It’s really common that different companies from the same practice, in this case, dental practice support each other online. A good example is recommending a clinic outside your area for your patients. Also, you can learn from other experts and gain a professional reputation that is accessible to anyone online.

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