To hire ideal candidates for your practice is a common theme dentists have to deal with. It’s important to know that the best dental team for you may or may not be the most suitable for others, so you have to determine your company culture and hire accordingly.

Here are some steps to start recruiting the best dental team for your practice

  • Make a list of qualities you’re looking for in a candidate: everybody is looking for something a little different but there are some qualities that might work for everybody, like someone who is responsible, certified etc. One other thing to consider here is your existing team and how well they mesh.
  • Make business cards and always carry them with you and give them to potential dental team members. Make sure to include your preferred contact method so the communication is seamless.
  • Post job openings to your website, Instagram profile, Facebook, Twitter and all of your social media about the type of people you‘re looking to add to your practice. The more people that knows is the more people that will attend and you will have a variety of people to choose the best dental team for you.

Some believe the best way to hire the best dental team for your practice is to ask around but when you’re out of options, keep trying. You only get one team — make it count.

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