Dental cavities are the most common dental issue in the world. Unlike other dental problems that respond to specific characteristics or are not so common, cavities are found all around the world (even where good oral practices are present).

Why is it so hard to determine a normal cavity rate?

Determining these kinds of insights are pretty difficult due to a series of factors. As we mentioned before, food has a lot to do with cavities nowadays; almost everything we consume has a high sugar level.

Sadly, even if you brush your teeth every time you eat, use floss and mouthwash; you still need to go for a deeper cleaning. Once again, the highly corrosive components of foods these days make it even more important to go to the dentist periodically.

The average cavity account can be anywhere from 4–10 and there’s no definitive count.

Some insights and statistics about cavities:

  • Kids from 2 to 11: the average percentage of children with cavities in their primary teeth is 42% with an average of 1.6 decayed teeth.
  • Adolescents from 12 to 19: with permanent teeth growth and more teeth to take care of, adolescents suffer from dental cavities on their permanent teeth 59% of the time, on average.
  • Adults from 20 to 65: 92% of adults have suffered from cavities at least once.
  • Seniors +65: Even if you’ve had a great history of good oral health, 65. 92% of senior patients have had dental cavities with an average of 3.28 decayed teeth.

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