Zentist Ambassador Program

The Zentist Ambassador Program is a referral program for dental industry professionals to earn rewards by recommending Zentist to dental practices.

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Ambassadors help spread the word about how Zentist can help dental practices streamline their cash flow with automated insurance claims management.

Let's Face it - Dental Insurance is a pain

Dental Offices struggle with dental insurance billing due to ever-increasing insurance complexities and never-ending follow-ups.

  1. 76+ hours spent on insurance billing monthly
    An average practice spends several hours of valuable staff time each day dealing with insurance claims.
  2. Losing an insurance biller
    When a front office team member leaves, the office experiences a loss in practice productivity and insight into patient accounts.
  3. Growing Pains
    As the practice grows, hiring and training new front office team members hinders scalability and efficiency, and increases costs.
  4. Insurance Struggles
    Insurance companies aren't always forthcoming with denial reasons or how to resolve them. Following up on denied or unpaid claims takes hours of correspondence.
  5. Vacation? No way!
    Sick days? Time off? Holidays? Taking days off causes more stress than relaxation for office managers as claim submissions, follow-ups, and payment postings are all delayed.
  6. Spend more time with patients, not paperwork
    7 out of 10 times, dental patients are greeted by a front office team member who is on the phone or on hold. Patients deserve the teams' attention for a stellar experience.
  7. Outdated technology Current dental management software is not user-friendly and intuitive. For insurance billing, this means a lack of transparency into the billing process for both practice owners and patients.

About Zentist

Automated insurance billing technology, trusted by dentists and loved by office managers.

We believe you should collect insurance reimbursements at a faster rate, permanently decrease your insurance aging, and free up valuable staff time to focus on patient care.

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Claims are paid faster!

Zentist proprietary validation engine produces more accurate claims before submission. Our average claims payment turnaround as of August 2020 is 6 days.

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An extension of your team

  • We supports and train your team by improving documentation and insurance procedures.
  • Gain the support and knowledge of experienced Dental Insurance Billers.
  • Fully-Powered by world class Engineers creating next-gen technology for your practice.
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Technology-Driven Revenue Cycle Management Platform for Dentists

Claims Validation Engine

Machine Learning Algorithms combined with expert billing knowledge reduces errors, omissions, and inaccuracies prior to claim submission.
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Your Data, Your Dashboard

Get a snapshot of your practice without having to pull multiple reports in your dental practice software. Insurance payments are accurately posted against your claims according to the EOB.
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Claims Statuses in Real-Time

Up to date claim statuses available throughout the insurance billing process, from claim submission through payment posting.
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Zentist also provides dental practices access to tools and resources to help them be successful.

Contact our Ambassador Program Liaison now to get started

Become an Ambassador

If you are passionate about dentistry and you understand what it takes to run a successful dental business, then you could be a Zentist Ambassador.

The benefits of becoming an Ambassador are:

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High rewards for new dental practices you refer

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1 month free Zentist service for practices that sign up through you

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Access to tools, resources, materials and sales know how

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Access to exclusive events, swag, surprise bonuses and a network of dental professionals

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Unlimited referrals

Tools for Ambassadors

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You will be assigned an individual Ambassador success manager who will be available for you to reach over the phone and by email.

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You’ll have access to resources curated by Zentist with tips and best practices to help you succeed.

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You can create your custom referral link from your Ambassador dashboard, and we’ve partnered with Referralrock for you to manage your referrals.

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We’ll send you information by email and, depending on where you live, you may be invited to join training sessions, meetups, or webinars.

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How to Refer

To refer to potential dental practices, go to your Ambassador dashboard, copy your unique referral link, and share it through the channels you want: messages, emails, social media, etc.

Please remember that in order to earn the $100 credit for the referral, the person you referred must follow your unique invitation link and speak to one of our sales representatives. You will receive an additional $400 when they sign up with Zentist and remain active clients for 60 days.

Referred dental practices that use your referral link will land on a customized page, where they can request a demo with our sales team. You can also direct potential hosts to the Ambassador webpage to find out more about Ambassadors.

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You can refer anyone who is new to Zentist dental billing. They will have to remain active customers for at least 2 months for the referral reward to be earned. Please remember that anyone who has previously received a referral invitation from someone is not eligible as a referral.

The amount you earn from referring new dental practices depends on a number of factors. Please see the guidelines below.

New dental practices you refer will also receive a one-time offer of 1 month free Zentist service. This is typically valued between $2000—$5000.

Program Guidelines

Earn $100 when a dental practice that you referred completes the Zentist demo with one of our sales leaders. When the referred dental practice signs up with Zentist and remains an active customer for at least 60 days, you will earn an additional $400. Bonuses are awarded at each stage as shown below. For example, on your third referral sign up, you earn an additional bonus of $3000. Upon referring 30 qualified dental practices you will receive a brand new base Tesla 3 model! To qualify for Tesla 3*, all 30 referrals must be made by Dec 31, 2020.Qualifying dental practices must be legitimate, licensed providers — unlicensed practices, agreements to share referral rewards, or other kick-back schemes all violate the rules of the program. The referred dental practice must also be a new, first time client to Zentist.

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Other Considerations:

  • As an expert and local champion for dentistry, you should introduce yourself as an Ambassador whose role is to help new dental practices successfully get started on Zentist.

  • Ambassadors are not Zentist employees and do not work under the direction of Zentist employees.
  • Ambassadors shouldn’t provide legal or other technical advice with respect to Zentist.
  • Respect privacy and only communicate with people who have agreed to be contacted by you.
  • In social media posts, Ambassadors should use #ZentistAmbassador for additional opportunities for rewards.
  • In emails and other materials, Ambassadors should include a disclosure such as:
    As a Zentist Ambassador, I earn a referral reward when you sign up for Zentist.

Check out these Ambassador and Referral Terms and Conditions for complete details.

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Sign up for the Ambassador Program Portal:

Your Ambassador Program Liaison:
Louis Chan louis@zentist.io
Call us: 415-323-4937

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